Help with Panic attacks and Anxiety

This site contains information and resources to help with panic attacks and anxiety.

help with panic attacks and anxiety


It discusses how to Cope, Deal, and Grow with the symptoms of panic and anxiety.

It’s one of a number of websites under the series, focusing on using difficult emotions and challenges as an opportunity for growth.

The journey through panic and anxiety can ultimately make us stronger. It can help us to build self awareness and encourage us to learn more about ourselves. This has the potential to steer us towards a happier way of living and being.

Often panic and anxiety symptoms are the result of a combination of factors. There isn’t necessarily one cause, or one solution.

These resources are therefore intended to help raise awareness of what could be contributing to our experiences of panic and anxiety.

The resources will include information, hints and tips and links to recommended books and media for further advice around a topic.

We can then learn from these and make appropriate changes to our thinking, behaviour and circumstances, bringing about positive change to our lives.


Stress, life events and thinking styles can all lead to increased levels of anxiety, and the possibility of panic symptoms and panic attacks.

Tension and anxiety are common problems. As an example, about 10% of the population every year in the U.K. will see their doctor because they feel tense or anxious.

The causes of panic and anxiety will be different for different people, but can bring about the same unpleasant feelings.

Examples can include specific situations and phobias, obsessive behaviours or a general feeling of anxiety with no obvious cause.

Anxiety is actually a normal healthy reaction. It is a response to perceived danger or worrying situations. But it can become a problem when it starts to interfere with our daily lives and becomes overwhelming.

General themes and specific posts about panic and anxiety topics can be found on this site, and will continue to be added to over time.

This site is an information resource first and foremost, and as such may support, but not replace guidance provided by doctors, counsellors and trained professionals.

Links to resources and adverts are on an affiliate basis to help towards the running of the site.


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